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Yamaha yzf-r3 yzf-r25-için yeni varış motosiklet direksiyon damperi montaj aparatı kiti


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*3 fully adjustable circuits.
*Adjustable damping control that allows 25 adjustment clicks while riding.
*Full adjustability of the amount of degrees of damping you want from centerline.
*"High Speed Circuit" designed to absorb those sharp edged jolts.
*Easily moves from motorcycle to motorcycle in few seconds.
*Can be used for your street bike and your race bike without any internal changes.
*Mount out of harms way and is not easily damaged from crashed.
*Comes with all necessary hardware to install.
• YZF-R3 2015
• YZF-R25 2014-2015
( Please Ensure This Part Fits For Your Motorcycle Before order )
*Our products are tested by the model, installation and all aspects of functions are complied with the standard.

  • Birim Tipi: Set
  • Paket Boyutu: 24cm x 18cm x 8cm (9.45in x 7.09in x 3.15in)

  • öğe Türü: Covers & Ornamental Mouldings
  • Marka Adı: SAVAGE
  • Model Adı: SD1532657
  • Motobike Make: yamaha
  • Malzeme Türü: Aluminum
  • Ürün Ağırlığı: 0.55kg

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